Embrace Teak Urn
Embrace Teak Urn
Embrace Teak Urn

Embrace Teak Urn

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The rich beauty of marble makes this a distinctive urn with timeless appeal.

The Embrace Teak urn is formed out of solid stone into its classic, elegant design. Artisans cut a pure marble vase, hand turn it on a lathe, and then polish it to a beautiful sheen. The urn is crème and white with beautiful swirled shades of tan giving it the look of teakwood.

Every marble urn will differ slightly.  Please allow for variances in design patterns and color intensity.


Height 10.5"
Diameter 8.5"
Cubic Inch 220
Weight 15 lbs

 5 1/2" Memento:

Height 5.5"
Diameter 3.75"
Cubic Inch 15


 3" Memento:


3 1/2”


2 1/2“

Cubic Inch

2 cubic inches

Access:  Top